Legal Transcription

When transcripts of interrogations of suspects, statements of witnesses, or 911 calls are needed as evidence in court, any word can make the difference between conviction or acquittal, which is why forensic transcription of both English and foreign-language cassettes, CDs, videos and DVDs is our specialty.

At Language Quest™, we know from experience what can happen in court when disputes arise over transcriptions: we’ve been there ourselves. For that reason, we won’t be satisfied with accuracy of less than 98.5 percent, the same standard followed by court reporters, no matter how “small” the recording. So, whether you need someone to handle all your transcription/translation needs or just be available to accept overflow work when your staff is stretched to its limits, Language Quest ™ can help.

Spanish language transcripts are subjected to our two-step quality control protocol: First, one of our trained linguists transcribes your recording in the original foreign language, then a translation of it into English; next, a certified interpreter reviews the transcription and translation to assure the highest degree of accuracy possible in case questions or disputes arise later. English-only transcripts and other foreign language transcripts are also reviewed following a similar protocol.

Just send your recording to the secure, password-protected FTP site we give you, or send it via mail or overnight service. The finished transcript will be e-mailed to you in either MS Word or WordPerfect, in side-by-side columns or a sequential format, whichever you prefer. We then erase your recording ten days after delivery of the transcript, unless you request archiving.

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