Technology Connections

Most of our longstanding clients at Language Quest ™ prefer getting their recordings to us the old-fashioned way: by personal pickup or delivery. While that is ideal for sensitive or high-security recordings, it is simply not possible for our more distant clients.

The Internet makes speed-of-light delivery of your recordings to us possible at no cost. Clients will be provided with their own password-protected folder at our FTP address for uploading sound or video files, which we then download and assign to the transcribers.

For cassettes, we provide you with a link to download free digital conversion software. Then just plug your cassette player into the front MIC input of your computer, and push PLAY. It’s that simple. Your cassette recording will be converted into a digital format you can send us online.

When a job is completed and we have delivered the transcript via e-mail, we will continue to store the sound file for ten days in case questions arise. Afterward, it will be erased unless you request we keep it longer.

With all this technology, however, some clients prefer overnight delivery to sending their recordings over cyberspace, and that option is definitely welcome also.


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